We all have obsessions. How these obsessions come about, I have no idea. What exactly am I talking about? Let me explain. For me, these are things that you can't get enough of, and whenever you see one or two or many, it peaks your interest like a Playboy centerfold, and you want one or two or three.

For example, maybe you have an obsession with baseball cards, and not just for the money they might yield in 40 or 50 years from now. I did as a child. I never thought about a monetary value, I just wanted to collect as many as I could, especially my baseball heroes. What drove me to be a huge fan of baseball cards? I don't know. I guess you could call that more of a hobby, but I was obsessed with baseball cards.

I have other obsessions too. Some I'd rather not mention. These are things that catch my eye, look interesting and unfortunately for my budget, sucker me into buying those items. A few of my obsessions include mobile DJ equipment, campers and clocks. The first two are obvious because I am a DJ, and I love to camp. The third, I'm not sure why. I just like clocks. Nothing fancy, just any that look cool to me. Currently, I've been looking for those double sided clocks, like the ones that used to be in school hallways. It would be a great conversation piece in my house. Yes, it's a bit odd, and so am I.

What are obsessions that you'd be willing to expose?

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