Think about this. You're at a movie theater, settled in that awesome oversized recliner seat with  a tub of warm, tasty popcorn and a cool drink to wash it down. The movie is good to begin with, then all of a sudden there's an action scene with driving music. That music happens to be a Classic Rock song.

Your adrenaline is pumping. That song is one you hear all the time, but now it's driving the movie and it's like you've never heard it before. You know what I mean.

We've done our homework, found plenty of Classic Rock songs that have played a part in a movie, and have packaged them neatly in hourly double-shots over the weekend for you to enjoy. Yes, we will let you know just what movie they came from, and if you saw any of those movies, you will remember the scene, and how awesome it was.

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