I love a good mac and cheese. Obviously I'm not alone. A lot of people in the Binghamton area love mac and cheese, so much so that we have our own Mac and Cheese Festival. The 5th annual Mac and Cheese Festival to raise funds for the Binghamton Philharmonic took place on February 27th with hundreds of people attending the event.

I think the secret to a good mac and cheese is a variety of different cheeses, a crunchy coating on top, and a variety of ingredients inside. I would say my favorites are lobster mac and cheese and buffalo chicken mac and cheese.

According to the National Day Calendar, today, July 14th, is National Mac and Cheese Day. My wife Chris makes awesome homemade mac and cheese. In the past she's made many different types including mushroom, buffalo chicken, and lobster mac and cheese.

My stepson Ian made an awesome Philly cheese steak mac and cheese on a couple different occasions. That included steak, pepers, onions, and different cheeses.

There are plenty of restaurants in the Binghamton area where you can find good mac and cheese on the menu. I'm not sure if any of them have specials going on today to honor National Mac and Cheese Day, but you can still enjoy delicious mac and cheese at these establishments.

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Mooney's Sports Bar in Johnson City.

Moonies is known for their Mac and Cheese. They are located across from the Oakdale Mall in the former Chi-Chi's building that was also home to The Ground Round for a period of time.

Strange Brew Cafe Binghamton.

Have you had the Mac and Cheese Sandwich at Strange Brew on Washington St.? It's a grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with mac and cheese that contains bacon, mushrooms, and scallions.

The Colonial in Binghamton.

These guys also have a great mac and cheese.

Social on State in Binghamton.

If you are a fan of lobster mac and cheese you may want to check out Social on State, which is located on State Street in Binghamton.

Copper Top Tavern in Vestal.

I had Copper Top's mac and cheese before and it was amazing.

The Lost Dog Cafe in Binghamton

The Lost Dog Binghamton has very good mac and cheese. But if I remember correctly, it was a side dish and not a complete dinner.

Burger Mondays Binghamton.

Another place in downtown Binghamton that I've had good mac and cheese at is Burger Mondays.
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