Some of the topics my co-workers and I get into can get pretty weird. Maybe that's why those of us who are in the radio business are a bit strange to begin with.

The other day, some of my co-workers and I struck up a conversation about rules of owning livestock in area municipalities. One of them was sure that if you live in Johnson City, you are allowed to have chickens on your property. I wasn't so sure that was the case.

So, I did what any curious person would do, and did a search on the old World Wide Web. Everything you ever wanted or didn't want, can be found on the internet. The website from the Village of Johnson City (New York), states that you must have a minimum of three acres to be able to keep a maximum of two livestock and/or poultry on your property. And there are certain New York State Agriculture and Markets Laws that you must abide by.

I had a hard time finding any ordinance of keeping chickens in the City of Binghamton, although the website Backyard Chickens had a section that stated that residents can not keep, shelter or maintain anything other that a domestic pet with the exception of up to four chickens or rabbits. And of course, there are stipulations that go along with it.

The Village of Endicott bans all livestock from chickens to ponies to cattle and even jackasses. I'll leave that last bit of information there for you to interpret. Oh, and no wild animals are permitted in the Village of Endicott as well, like lions, tigers and bears, Oh my.

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