Let's call it what it is. Thanksgiving is a week away, but let's be transparent about this. It's the Christmas season. And by that, I mean many are looking past Thanksgiving because it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Sounds like the title of a song. I've already seen several homes decorated for the holiday season, and some have their Christmas Tree already up and decorated

And that's okay, as long as we give Thanksgiving its due respect in my opinion. I'm sure for many, Thanksgiving celebration will take on a different meaning this year. But when you think about it, we still have a lot to be thankful for, so I suggest we celebrate, for at least one day, rather than let Covid-19 ruin our holiday.

And speaking of the holiday season, what will your holiday look like? Sure, we need to be cautious with social distancing and maybe continuing to limit the number of persons in our home to be safe, but I'm talking about the decorations inside and out.

I used to decorate with lights around the roof of my house, but that got to be too dangerous reaching over the edge of the roof, and dodging power lines. Now it's just a string of lights around the front door, the bushes in front of the house and I have a projector that shows animated holiday images on our front window.

As for the inside, I put up an artificial tree in the living room and a table tree in the dining room, and that's about it. I bought a new tree for the living room last year. It's one of those trees that has the fake snow-type stuff on it. I forget what it's called, but as soon as I get the tree out of the box, that flaky stuff ends up dropping all over the floor. It's a pain to clean up, but whatever remains on the tree, looks good.

But this year could be a challenge, since I have a new Greyhound in the house. He's never seen a Christmas Tree before, so this could be a disaster in the making. I'll keep you posted.

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