Every year on April 20th, people celebrate marijuana on what they call "4:20 Day".

4:20 became part of the weed culture because back in the '70s, a bunch of guys in California used to gather together at 4:20 every afternoon to get high.

Marijuana has become so mainstream that companies are running promotions for 4:20 Day. Some of those companies include Pizza Hut, Lyft, Carl's Jr., and Boston Market, just to name a few.

According to Weedmaps, Pizza Hut will be selling their Hershey's Triple Chocolate Brownie for $4.20 on Saturday only.

Boston Market will be offering a buy-one-get-one-free deal on its Rotisserie Chicken Pot Pies for $4:20. Now I know we don't have a Boston Market in the Binghamton area, even though about 10 years ago there were rumors that one was coming, you can find a Boston Markets location if you are heading out of town on Saturday.

We don't have a Carl's Junior either, but that fast food chain is selling it's new CBD Infused Cheeseburger, which according to the report, is called The Rocky Mountain High Cheeseburger Delight, at its Denver area locations. That will also be priced at $4.20.

Even the ride-sharing company Lyft is getting in on the fun, but only in some major markets. They are offering $4.20 off one ride on Saturday with the use of a special discount code. You can see a list of those cities here.

If you partake, have a happy and safe, 4:20. If you don't, you can still take advantage of some of the 4:20 specials.

[via Weedmaps]

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