Back in July, Governor Andrew Cuomo made some interesting remarks at a news briefing regarding chicken wings and whether they were considered enough of a meal to order when buying alcohol at New York State bars.

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The state clarified his comments afterwards, but people were pretty upset that wings were even mentioned as not being enough for a meal.

According to WIVB, one Buffalo native has decided to make a t-shirt that proudly states wings are a meal, and it helps a great cause too.

David Willert took the comments personally, as did many Buffalonians.

“I heard him say chicken wings aren’t a meal and I said wait a minute," said Willert.

Willert decided to team up with a friend who happens to be a graphic designer and create a t-shirt that claps back at the comments.

“We may have disagreements all across the board, but the people of Buffalo can agree on one thing, that chicken wings are a meal,” said David Willert.

The front of the t-shirt says "Chicken Wings: We are a Meal."

The back of the shirt says "The One Thing We Can Agree On; Sincerely, Buffalo"

The shirts are also being made to support a great cause.

Willert says portions of the proceeds for the shirts will go to the International Justice Mission -- the largest international organization in the world that fights against human trafficking.

The shirts were sent to Governor Cuomo as well.

If you want to learn more, visit WIVB. To purchase a shirt, click here.

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