People waiting in line, sometimes for over two hours, to cast their ballots early in Broome County are giving several reasons for wanting to do so before November 3.

K.B. Grey/ Townsquare Media Binghamton

Only a few cited concern about the coronavirus pandemic as large numbers of people were standing together in line for the early voting.  Periodic checks of polling locations found everyone wearing masks and practicing some attempt at social distancing, whether or not actually six feet apart at all times was questionable.

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Voters who asked for absentee ballots to avoid large groups of people, meanwhile have said they were concerned about the reliability of mailing in a ballot.  Those voters can fill out their absentee ballot and go to an early polling location in person.  There they can skip the line and hand their ballot to an election official to be taken to the Board of Elections at the end of the day.

K.B. Grey/ Townsquare Media Binghamton

Some people said they wanted to have the option of choosing a day rather than taking chances of an even longer wait on election day (especially if they had tight work schedules).

Most, however agreed they felt very strongly about the contentious nature of the election year and were compelled to cast their vote right away.

The long lines have been fairly quiet as people wait although there had been a report at one location of a car driving by with a person shouting a campaign slogan at those waiting in line. That electioneering or voter intimidation is illegal.

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