Not everyone is a fan of consolidation of government services, sharing the work is paying off for some local municipalities.

Broome County, Colesville, Deposit and Sanford are being rewarded for coordinating services.

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The New York Department of State is awarding $229,655 to match 95% of the money saved though dissolving the Deposit Village Court, merging it with the Town of Sanford, dissolving the Deposit Police Department, turning village law enforcement over to the Broome Sheriff’s Office and coordinating the building of emergency communications radio towers between the Towns of Colesville, Sanford, Binghamton and Broome County as a shared project.

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New York Secretary of State Robert Rodriguez says the County-Wide Shared Services Initiative is a key program that helps motivate communities to streamline services.

The award for coordinating the building of radio towers along with creation of a long-term strategy to upgrade safety communications with agreements between the County, City of Binghamton and Towns of Colesville and Sanford was a little over $120,29.  The award for the Deposit/Sanford court consolidation was about $25,293 and the award for dissolving the Deposit Police Department was $84,070.

Since the County-Wide Shared Services Initiative started five years ago, Broome County and its municipal partners have been awarded over $3.37 million.

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