I've got to stop writing articles just before I take a break for lunch. That's the point in my day when I'm hungry and I tend to think about food. Hence, I will gravitate to an article about food. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's not like I'm about to visit a grocery store on an empty stomach. That is a recipe for disaster.

So, regardless of the time of day or my current level of hungry, the great American hot dog came to mind. Hot dogs are my go-to food when I need something quick to eat, or when I'm at camp.

Choosing the best type of hot dogs n the grocery store is sometimes a challenge for me. Do I want the cheap brand, or drop a few dollars extra on the top-of-the-line hot dogs? Do I want hot dogs that have a natural casing, bun length, Angus beef, turkey franks, fat-free, or any of the other endless types of hot dogs available?

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And as toppings are concerned, my favorites are chili (no beans, please) and diced onions with a line of mustard on top. I do enjoy the simple dog with either mustard or ketchup, maybe some relish, and diced onions.

Better yet, rather than creating my own, I'd rather enjoy a tasty hot dog or two from a local restaurant or diner, So, what places in the Southern Tier serve the best hot dog? It always comes down to a matter of opinion, so I asked on social media where Southern Tier locals go for a delicious All-American hot dog.

Here are some of the responses I received. Thanks for the answers. If your favorite place to enjoy an awesome hot dog is not on this list, let me know. And, no your home or grill doesn't count.

Local Places For A Delicious Hot Dog

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