Alcohol to go? In my opinion, yes, please. One thing that came about during the pandemic was the loosening of regulations regarding the sale of drinks to go from bars and restaurants by the former New York State Governor, Andrew Cuomo.

It was meant to be temporary to aid establishments during the pandemic period. The type of drinks to go included bottles of wine and pre-mixed cocktails for home consumption. Any to-go alcohol was to be in sealed containers only and of course, open container laws remained in effect. Beer was not included in the regulation loosening since it's already legal to purchase beer to go in New York State.

In June of 2020, Andrew Cuomo ended the order after declaring the pandemic state of emergency to be over. According to an article in, current New York State Governor Kathy Hochul on Wednesday (January 5th), is looking to bring it back and make to-go alcohol a permanent law.

With the pandemic continuing, this law could possibly help businesses financially, especially if the pandemic continues to affect their livelihood. But according to the article, some feel now that businesses are open for customers, the focus is to get people in the door rather than to-go sales.

Did the alcohol go-to period help restaurant and bar sales? I guess that's an establishment case by case. One may have greatly benefitted, while one may have seen minimal sales. In either case, it may be a good thing for businesses in New York State to be able to offer alcohol to go permanently. What are your thoughts?


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