What's that line? "Charity begins at home" I believe is how it goes. And that type of charity is what our communities in the Southern Tier of New York and Northeast Pennsylvania excel at.

Whether it's for Broome County CHOW or any of the many organizations who rely on  donations to help families in our area, this community steps up every time. And here is another example.

You may have seen the story recently from our own Doug Mosher about the 2021 Boeheim's Army Basketball team. In the article, Doug wrote about local involvement in the team with Adam Weitsman, owner of Upstate Shredding based in Owego. The basketball competition ran in late July and early August, and Boeheim's Army emerged as the champions.

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Before the tournament began, Adam Weitsman made a promise to donate one million dollars to local charities in the 607 and 315 area codes if the team won the championship game. Well, Boeheim's Army won the tournament, and Adam is making good on his promise.

According to Syracuse.com, Mr. Weitsman has already donated 5000 dollar to five charities in the Syracuse area (earlier this week) and has plans to announce five more on Friday (August 13th.) The article reports that he will be continue to make donations twice per week until he has reached one million dollars.

Syracuse.com mentions that charities can apply for a donation to " Adam Weitsman on on Instagram or Facebook."  He is looking to donate to small charities who have no national fundraising support, and in that request, how the charity plans on spending the money, which is capped at 5000 dollars.

By the way, if you missed the championship game between Boeheim's Army and Team 23, check out the short highlight video below for the exciting 3 point finish.

via Syracuse.com, Boeheim's Army, YouTube

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