How's your memory? Mine is not what it used to be. Wonder why?

I'm sure you have some great memories growing up in the Binghamton/Southern Tier of New York or the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania.

I didn't grow up in the Binghamton area (Corning/Painted Post was my youthful stomping grounds) but I have lived here now for close to 45 years, so I do have some good memories of living here during those years.

For example, I remember eating at the Alamo, Bulls Head, and Copperfield's Restaurants to name a few. One of my favorite pizza places was Brother Bruno's. How about shopping at the Vestal Plaza and watching movies at the Airport and V- Drive-Ins? They are all gone now.

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But it's not just about the things that are no longer here, it's also about the experiences of living here. I remember driving around Binghamton with my friends cranking up the latest Steve Miller Band cassette back in the late 70s, heading out to our many parks like Greenwood, Dorchester, and State Park, and heading out to area bars like Popeye's in the Northgate Plaza to catch some great rock concerts like the Todd Hobin Band and the many local area bands that knew how to rock-n-roll.

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I also remember my days working part-time overnights at a full-service gas station while I was just a part-timer in radio. It was boring, except one time in the early morning hours when I was robbed at gunpoint, That was not a good thing. I think I lost a few years of my life that night. The person who robbed me eventually was caught and sent to jail.

So, how about you? What good memories do you have growing up in the Binghamton area?

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