I am one of those people who enjoy just about any type of food. So when I decide to go out for lunch or dinner, I think of trying different types of restaurants that we have in the Southern Tier of New York.

It's refreshing for me since I usually have the usual go-to type of food for lunch and dinner. Lunches usually consist of either a tuna or turkey sandwich and dinner can be pretty predictable if I choose my own food.

If my wife is cooking a meal, that's a different story. She likes to try different things and experiments with recipes, and I get to be the taste tester. In all the years I've been married, there were only a couple of times I didn't enjoy whatever it was she was cooking. Each time it was just something I don't care for, but others would ( whew, dodged that bullet.)

When we go out to eat or plan on take-out, we usually will try a different type of food than the last time we dined out. While we like just about any type of food, we both are big fans of Italian, Greek, and Asian foods.

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Recently, I checked out Yelp! for the top 11 most positive rated Italian restaurants in the Tripe Cities, but I have never checked out what are the most popular Chinese restaurants in our community.

Of course, everyone has their favorite restaurants and so it's by no means the end-all of who is the best, but I like to check out these ratings just to see if there are places I've never been to.

And after looking at the top 10 Yelp! rated Chinese restaurants in the Triple Cities, there are a few I've never been to, but need to make a visit. And as far as we know, all of these restaurants are currently open for business.

Top Yelp! Triple Cities Rated Chinese Restaurants

via Yelp!

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