According to RoadSnacks, two cities in Broome County have made the most dangerous places to live in New York State list for 2020.

When I think of dangerous cities in New York State, I think of large crime rate in New York City. But I guess per capita, there would be more crime per population in other parts of the state and that's how they came up with the list.

RoadSnacks says that their list is an opinion based on facts. According to opinion, Binghamton is number 3 on the list, just behind number two Niagara Falls and Buffalo topped the list as the most dangerous place to live in New York.

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This is the second year in a row that Binghamton finished third on this list. When evaluating violent crimes per capita, they ranked Binghamton as 8th. in the state. Binghamton was ranked the second most dangerous in the state for property crimes per 100,000 people.

The village of Johnson City finished 8th. on the list. J. C. actually improved from last year's list where they were ranked the fifth most dangerous city to  live in in New York state.

Johnson City finished in eighth because they were 25th. ranked in most dangerous violent crimes per capita, and third and for most property crimes per capita.

The rest of the cities on the list include; Schenectady 4th. Rochester number 5, Watertown at number 6, Albany 7th. Utica 9, and Syracuse rounded out the top 10.

See what the report said about both Johnson City and Binghamton, as well as the other 8 cities here.

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