According to NRF, (National Retail Federation) Americans are going to spend 9.1 billion dollars on Halloween this year. Yes, Billions, with a "B". That's three times more than we spent just 12 years ago.

At my house, we've already begun. My wife went to the Halloween store over the weekend with my stepson. Ian bought two costumes and Chris bought one. She also purchased makeup to paint her face. She's going as a skeleton this year.

Many weeks ago, as soon as it ended up in stores, my wife bought candy corn. She bought it for herself, not for trick-or-treaters. She knows I hate candy corn, so it's safe to have around me. We still have to go out and buy the candy that we will be giving out to the trick or treaters. We always buy a ton of candy. We buy the candy bags and put ten different kinds of candy in each one. Plus, every year we buy some new decorations to add to our huge Halloween display. So we will still spend more money on that before Halloween as well.  Do you realize Halloween is two weeks from today?

According to NRF Americans will spend 3.4 billion on costumes, 2.7 billion on candy, and just over two and a half billion on decorations.

How much do you plan on spending?

[via NRF]

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