Recently, the website -  listed some of the best pizzerias in New York State and that list includes one of my favorites in the Binghamton area, and all time favorite from my hometown.

As I looked over this list, I grew hungrier and hungrier. Thoughts of taking a road trip and stopping at all these locations began to form. Can you imagine taking a couple of weeks off to travel around New York State and visiting all the pizzerias listed on the survey? I like it!

The Binghamton area is represented, well more specifically, Endicott. Coming in at number three is Joey's Pizzeria and Italian Ice. Good choice. While we have many great places that serve pizza, there aren't many with a brick oven. What a difference that makes.

Coming in a number five is my favorite pizza restaurant - Aniello's Pizza in Corning. I grew up in the Corning area, and when I go back to visit, which only happens a few times a year, I take advantage of stopping in for a hot pie. It's best right out of the oven.

Now, I'm sure all their pizzas are very tasty, but in the 40 plus years I've dropped in for a slice or a whole pie, I only order plain. Yes, I sprinkle on some garlic powder, but that's it. My favorite pizza is New York Style with the oils dripping off it, and that's what they deliver. I don't wait for it to cool, either. The trademark of a great pizza is when you have burned the roof of your mouth. The taste is worth the pain!

Everyone has their own favorite pizza and types of pizza, so I'd like to know where you go for a great tasting pizza, and if any, what toppings do you prefer?


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