I was trying to come up with a topic to write about today to no avail. So I emailed my co-workers, and one of the suggestions was to write about diners.

My immediate thought was, why would I want to write about people who eat out? Then, my brain cells (what's left, anyway) kicked in, and I realized they meant 'diners' as in local mom and pop restaurants.

Well hell, that's a topic I can write about! As a matter of fact, I've been sort of on a diner kick lately. I consider a local diner as a place that is owned locally or regionally, and serves up what I call 'comfort food' with a great atmosphere.

Over the past few months, I've visited some of my favorites, including the Broadway Diner, The Greek House, The Spot Restaurant, Chris' Diner, The Skylark Diner, Pete's Legacy Diner, and when I venture into Pennsylvania to visit my campground, I like to stop into Nana's Country Kitchen in Wysox and Sukky's Diner in Towanda.

Two places I've tried for the first time and enjoyed recently, include the Vestal Diner and Reveille Restaurant. Other places I've been to, but need to get back to since it's been awhile, include the Park Diner, Take A Break, The Red Oak and Blue Dolphin.

Believe it or not, I have not been to The Red Robin (JC), The Village Diner, Danny's Diner and Jane's Diner. I must make a stop at each soon, since I've heard good things about them all.

So, what diners in the greater Binghamton area have I missed that are a must stop for some diner type comfort food? I know there are more out there, but remember, it's gotta be a locally or regionally owned place.

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