Burgers. It's what Summer is all about. It's hard to believe I once hated the taste of a hamburger. True story.

When I was just a young lad (many, many moons ago) we had hamburgers from time to time for dinner, and I dreaded it. It wasn't the taste, just that they were so damn big, it made me ill thinking of having to devour the entire burger.

Thinking of that now actually confuses me. What hamburger loving person wouldn't enjoy a big juicy hamburger - the bigger the better? Me, for one. Maybe it was because there was much more burger than one small stomach had space for, and at the family table, you ate everything off your plate, or you would remain there until all was gone.

These days, not a problem. Bring it on. And that leads me to ask - what is your favorite burger in Binghamton? Where do you go for a delicious juicy hamburger, or is your own creation the best.

Also, what condiments do you top it off with, or if you create your own best burger, what goes in it or on it? I'm salivating, waiting for your answers. By the way, my favorite is from a national chain, but I'd love to hear of a local establishment that makes the best burger and give it a try.

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