My wife and I have been talking about getting a new mattress for the last year or so. The mattress we were sleeping on was the mattress we bought when we bought the house 15 years ago.

The mattress itself was pretty lumpy, and after I messed up my back we decided we're going to get a new bed with more back support. So we went out and we purchased a Sleep Number bed. We got one with the adjustable head and feet on both sides. That way if my back is bothering me, I can adjust it to get more comfortable.

With the new bed purchased, my wife decided it was time to redo the bedroom. We painted the bedroom the first year we moved in. It was orange with a border breaking up where the sloped ceilings met the wall.

Chris started the project on Friday by taking the border down, or at least most of it. We finished that on Saturday then we painted the ceiling white and decided on blue for the wall. We spent most of Saturday painting. It turned out pretty nice, but we almost missed a spot behind the door.

As Chris was putting the lid back on the can, I closed the door and noticed some orange from the old paint as well as some white from painting the woodwork. That's what that picture is below. I'm glad we found it when we did before we cleaned the rollers, the brushes, and the pan, and put everything away.

Chris also bought paint for other rooms in the house while she was buying the blue for the bedroom. So I see more painting in my future. But for now, the bedroom is ready for the new bed when it arrives on Friday.

Spot missed behind the door. Jim Free Photo
Spot missed behind the door. Jim Free Photo

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