I'm so confused. Okay, that's a given for me. Comes with getting older, I suppose.

Next week, I have two scheduled appointments. One is for a regular checkup at my dentist which was rescheduled from a date back in late March, and one for a haircut normally scheduled for next week.

Well, last March when I got the call to reschedule my dentist appointment because of the pandemic crisis just beginning, I wasn't thinking or checking my schedule. The dental office staff person gave me a rescheduled date and I agreed to it not realizing that it is the same day and just an hour apart from my normally scheduled hair appointment.

I didn't realize this until early this week when I received a call from my dentist, reminding me of my upcoming appointment. That's when I realized my mistake. But to be fair, I didn't think either appointments would happen since both dental and hair visits were still not an option in New York State.

Well, apparently as of June 1st, the dental profession is back in business. So I asked to reschedule again, thinking they would be slammed with appointments, but I was lucky in the fact that there was an opening a week later. That's a good thing, since I think I need a cavity replaced. I've had a bit of tooth pain for a while now.

As for my hair appointment, I was told they would be okayed for opening now, but now I'm not sure that's the case. If you're like me, your hair is in need of some tender loving care. At any rate, I guess I can wait a bit longer for a haircut, but I will be glad to get back to the dentist. Wow, that's not something you hear someone say...ever.

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