With all the snow we received last week, for those of us who have dogs, it has become an issue when it's time for them to do their business. I have two Greyhounds and one Italian Greyhound/Whippet (we are not sure exactly which he is), and 40 inches of snow was too high for any of them to do what they've got to do, so they need a path.

Well, I am obviously not the only one making snow paths for their dogs. And some are quite ingenious. Take for example the Wasiliewski family from Apalachin. They dug out a much nicer snow path for their dogs than I did. They commented on their Facebook page that they got carried away with the project, but had lots of fun with it. Check out the video and the pictures below.

As for my attempt at a "pee path" for the pups, I got out my trusty shovel (The snow blower is too small to tackle 40 plus inches of snow) and began making a path for my dogs. It was a daunting task. I needed to make enough of a path so all three would have enough area to use. The picture below is my sad attempt to make a log snow path for my dogs. And yes, there is a small goldfish pond in the middle.

Dog Snow Path
Don Morgan

My female Greyhound is very picky where she will go and I had to accommodate, but the Greyhound and Italian Greyhound love the long path I made, and are having fun zipping down and back.

Snow Maze For Dogs

(via Agnes Wasiliewski)

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