Just weeks after Van Cott Jewelers announced they would be closing their location in the Oakdale Mall, another store inside the mall has closed their doors permanently.

WBNG is reporting that the cookie dough store called The Dough Life has closed its Johnson City location for good. The store's entrance gates have been closed for multiple days causing the investigation by WBNG.

The Dough Life store opened in the Oakdale Mall in Johnson City in May of last year.

Other stores that have vacated the Johnson City shopping center over the last several years include; Macy's, Sears, and the Bon-ton, which went out of business last year. Major chain stores that still have a presence in the mall include; J. C. Penney, Burlington, and Footlocker just to name a few.

The Dough Life sells edible cookie dough that is served in a bowl, and it looks like ice cream.

According to the Dough Life's website, the closest remaining store to the Binghamton area is in Syracuse at the Destiny USA Mall. There are other locations in Rochester Albany and Poughkeepsie, as well as the New York City area, and other cities on the east coast.

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