I love animals and I hate hearing stories of abuse. One of the most recent horrific animal abuse cases was just a couple of weeks back when some scumbag threw two beagles out of a moving car on Route 81.

Even on Facebook, I have friends that have dedicated their lives to fight animal abuse and they are constantly posting pictures and articles of animal abuse cases. I hate seeing those pictures, but I understand why they post them.

Well, two lawmakers in Florida are pushing to make animal cruelty a felony all across the United States. If the bill passes a person could spend up to seven years in prison for animal abuse.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that Representative Ted Deutch and Representative Vern Buchanan, both from Florida, are spearheading the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act. According to The Orlando Sentinel, The "P.A.C.T." would target burning, drowning, suffocating, crushing, and impaling animals.

I think this is a step in the right direction, but I think the law should be expanded to include every kind of animal abuse. Even with the bitterly cold temperatures we had last week and that we are expecting again this week, I think there should be fines for people who leave their dogs outside without shelter in weather like this.

I know with cats, it's hard to keep some of them inside. You just crack the door open enough to get your hand out to grab the mail from the mailbox, and some of them push through and they're gone for days at a time. But to chain up a dog outside and not provide them warm shelter should be a felony as well in my opinion.

I for one, hope this bill gets passed.

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