May 1st has come and gone. With the pandemic still a part of our lives, many places remain closed. And that included opening up campgrounds.

Yes, the State of Pennsylvania did give the green light to open private campground on May 1st, but it takes time to prepare for an influx of crazy campers such as myself. Barring any issues, I will be happily on my way to the beautiful Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania on May 8th. That's the current tentative opening day for the campground where my lonely travel trailer sit waiting my return after a long six month winter.

I've already begun filling up my van with all the essentials. You know, beer, and some other stuff. Okay, I have been packing the van with anything I took home last October. I also forgot to load the batteries that I need. I have one for the camper, the golf cart and the riding lawn mower. There would be a bit of an issue if I forgot them. I received a few camp type items for Christmas, so those are now loaded and ready for the trip.

I have a system for opening up my travel trailer every year. The first thing I do when I get there, is pop open a beer, reflect on the past six months (and man those six months certainly have been a whirlwind of craziness), and then get to work. Battery hooked up, power cord plugged into camp power, open up the slides, turn of the refrigerator (gotta keep that beer cold) and basically put everything back in place. All in all, it takes about two days to get everything back where it needs to be.

And then, there's the lawn. I am responsible for mowing the grass around my camper,and since I'm on a corner lot in the back of the campground, there's more to mow than the average campground site. No worries though, I love to mow.

I'm excited. As I've mentioned every year, it's the most wonderful time of the year for me. Except this year, it's a week later. I'm looking forward to the next 175 days of camping season, but with the safety precautions still in place with the pandemic we are currently in, I know it will not be exactly camping as usual.

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