And here we are. The July 4th holiday for 2018. Summer is in full swing, the heat is (really) on, and hopefully you are in or close to a Summer vacation.

Growing up, my family never missed an evening of fireworks in our town. It was exciting to see all the different types of fireworks, except for one. That one is the kind that has the colorful effects, and then a delayed boom.

I hated that. First, you knew it was coming, but not sure exactly when. And then the boom would jolt the hell out of me. I guess it's because I'm not a fan of really loud noises like that. Not sure why. These days, I'm not into fireworks shows like I used to. Sometimes it sucks being a grown-up.

I do love the 4th of July, first because what it stands for, and second, because it's the heart of Summer, and great weather...for the most part.

No matter how hot and humid it gets, and it's that way as of this writing, we have looked forward to this time of year for much of the past late fall/winter/early spring. Remember when we were being hit with a snowstorm, freezing ice and cold temperatures? We all wished for Summer.

Well, it's here in all its glory. I, for one, is relishing it all. Yes, we could do without the excessive heat and humidity, but as we all know, weather will change quickly enough, and probably get back to normal temperatures. If we could just have a bit less rain that would be awesome. I'm a bit tired of having a lawn filled with water pockets which turn quickly into mud.

Here's to our Independence Day. I hope yours is a fun and safe 4th of July.

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