I'd definitely say that I'm a pretty relaxed mom. I mean, I don't panic when my kid gets dirty, takes a little taste of dirt, or squishes a bug with his bare hands, so that has to count for something, right? My husband and I think that exploring and getting dirty is good for a kid.

However, there are some things my son wants to do that I draw a big nope line across. Like when John, who has an insatiable need to touch everything with his tongue, leans toward the handle of the shopping cart before I've had a chance to wipe it down. You can't fault me though! I have no idea if the person before me sneezed into their hand and then placed their hand on the cart. Sharing is caring for most things, but not with boogers.

According to Fox News, these are the most germ-filled things that you and I touch each and every day and you know, we really should think about either not touching them, or cleaning them before we put our paws on them.

  • Shopping Carts

    When you put your hands on the shopping cart handle, not only is there a chance that you could be putting your hands on somebody else's boogers, which completely grosses me out, but there's this: a study by the University of Arizona found that two out of every three shopping cart handles were contaminated with fecal bacteria. NASTY!

  • Public Magazines

    Whenever we go someplace that has magazines laying around, my husband always reaches for one. I've told him about a thousand times that he might want to reconsider, but he never listens. Maybe he will when he sees this (but probably not because when a wife says not to do something, men are drawn to do it anyway). Magazines in places like waiting rooms, or on airplanes get passed from hand to unwashed hand. If that doesn't make you want to stop touching them there's this- because they've got dry surfaces, bacteria like E. coli can survive on them for months.

  • Office Keyboards

    Think because you're the only one who touches your keyboard at work that it's clean? That would be a big nope. As a matter of fact, your keyboard is most likely covered in five times more germs than you'd find right this second on a public toilet seat.

  • The Gym

    Haha, no, this isn't an excuse to avoid the gym. You just need to walk in with the understanding that there's a whole lot of bacteria floating around and you should avoid touching your face, and make sure that you wash your hands furiously after working out. Some gyms even offer a wipe down solution. If yours does, use it before using the equipment. 73% of weights and 51% of aerobic equipment at the gym are covered in bacteria that could cause a cold.