Don't you hate it when you are about to eat something that you've been craving, like a leftover piece of pizza, or maybe a piece of cheesecake, and somehow you end up dropping it? It's like slow motion, watching it spin through the air as gravity has fun at your expense. It feels like 5 seconds pass before you hear the splat, or thud depending on what you were trying to enjoy. Someone yells out, "five-second rule". Someone says it every time you drop food. If no one else is around you either say it to yourself or you think it. Don't lie, you know you do. So what do you do? Do you bend down, pick it up, wipe it off and pretend like it never happened? Or, do you pick it up, say a few four letter words and deposit it in the garbage. When our Golden Retriever was still alive, we would call "Hutch", and even if he was in a deep sleep he would be there to take care of the problem. So, what do you do? I think it depends on what kind of food it is and whether or not you think the floor is clean. Actually, if the floor was dirty and it was the last piece of my favorite pizza that I have to drive an hour one way to get, I'm pretty sure I would pick the dirt off it and eat it anyway. Don't judge me if you never had that pizza.

So, is the five-second rule legit? Researchers at Aston University say YES! It depends on what you drop. If it's wet or sticky, you have to grab it as quickly as possible before it absorbs bacteria and isn't safe to eat. But if drop something hard and dry, like a cookie or my combo in the picture, you can read all my blogs, maybe check your e-mails and let the dog out all before you pick it up and eat it. Researchers found if you drop dry hard foods, your still safe to eat them as long as you do it within a half hour!

Ok, I'm off to get my combo off the rug in the hallway outside the studio.


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