Well it's time again to reflect on the past 365 days. Was 2018 a good year, a bad year, of a mix ot both? Well that's a tough nut to crack.

You can't really put a label on a year as how good or bad it was. It's different for everyone. You may have had an awesome year. Maybe a new job, a large pay increase, won the lottery, became a grandparent...whatever.

For others, 2018 may have brought a loss of a job, or maybe someone special in their life passed away or one of many things that just made this a year to forget.

365 days are a lot of days. A lot can and will happen in that time span. That's life.
For me, 2018 had its ups and downs. On the personal side, there were a few relatives who passed away and some family health scares. The year brought the usual issues with being a homeowner, and of course the neverending maintenance of my 19 year old rusty van. But, many good things came out of the year for me, including celebrating my 36th year at The Whale, which continues to be a great adventure.

Every year we say goodbye (or good riddance) to the past year, and hope for a better new year. It may be an old, repetitive saying, but maybe it will hold true. Can't hurt to wish, right?

Happy New Year, and thanks for allowing all of us at 99.1 The Whale to be a part of our everyday life. Rock on.

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