This week's Classic Rock Pick takes us back to July of 1975 across the pond, where the Knebworth Festival was going on. The festival was a yearly event, beginning in 1974 featuring The Doobie Brothers and the Allman Brothers Band.

Artists who appeared during the 1975 version of the Knebworth Festival, included Roy Harper, Captain Beefheart, Steve Miller and Pink Floyd, plus Graham Chapman from Monty Python fame.

It was a great concert attended by around 70,000 people, although reports were that traffic was a nightmare. Vehicles littered the roads leading to Knebworth, including several what were abandoned.

At the show, Pink Floyd performed songs from their latest album, 'Wish You Were Here.' For this week's Classic Rock Pick, take a look at this interesting explanation from Liam Dale describing the 1975 Knebworth Festival concert in a rather humorous way.


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