The first school I attended was Campbell Central School in Campbell, New York. It was an old building, even back in those long-ago days when I was in elementary school. So, sure, you can call me old as well.

At about the time my family moved out of town and to another school district not far away, construction was about to begin on my former school with modern classrooms, gymnasium, and other additions to make the school more modern and much bigger.

My next school was another old building where I spent my middle school years. In fact, it was the same school my father had attended when it was a high school. Then my high school years were spent at a very modern school, built just a few years earlier.

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I was in awe of how modern a school could be. Of course, that school is now about to turn 60 years old. Of course, many additions and upgrades have occurred during my time there and beyond. It is no longer a high school, becoming a middle school a few years ago when the district merged its two high schools, much like Binghamton did back in the early 80s.

But as awesome and cool-looking modern schools are, take for example the new Macarthur Elementary School in Binghamton, there are lots to admire about those older schools that were built in the early to mid-1900s. And the Binghamton area has several of those older but still impressive buildings.

Many are still being used as schools, but a few have been converted to retail, student or retirement communities. I took a look around the Triple Cities area for older school buildings and found some amazing architecture. You can see them below. Did I miss any?

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