Binghamton Restaurant Week wraps up tomorrow, so take advantage! I made a return visit to Whole In The Wall to try some of their fare. My co-worker Sherry came with me to enjoy some food out of our comfort zones. We now like sprouts!

Manager Stacy and server Phil were excellent. Both were attentive to every patron and answered every question I had.

We started with soup. I had Whole In The Wall's signature mushroom soup and Sherry had minestrone. We agreed we liked them because they were flavorful and not watery.

Lee Ann Taylor

Next, Sherry and I decided to jump in an try something completely foreign to us: sprouts, veggies and more in a pita! it was terrific! Here's the description from the menu: "Half a Pita Pocket Whole wheat pita stuffed with hydroponic lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, sprouts and your choice of baba ghanouj, sun-dried tomato hummus, felafel with yogert sesame dressing, or batter dipped pieces of all natural chicken with homemade Russian Dressing."  We had the chicken. yep, we "chickened" out!

Lee Ann Taylor

The Russian dressing was so good! I am a big fan. If there is a sauce you like, by the way, there is a chance they sell it in their pantry. All you have to do is ask.

For our last course, I admit I went to my comfort zone. I knew the Raspberry Chocolate Chip Brownie Sundae Big Tease was good, so I got it. Sherry had no idea what she was in for with it and did she smile! Being a whipped cream freak, there has to be the right balance between ice cream, brownie, sauce and whipped cream. They nailed it.

Lee Ann Taylor

Make sure you go to the site for Binghamton Restaurant Week, pick your place and go. Tomorrow is the last day. And if you dare to hop outside your comfort zone, it is well worth the trip to Whole In the Wall on Washington Street.