It's not really a text, it's actually an alert, and it's really coming from F.E.M.A., not the President himself.

For many years now radio and television stations have been using the emergency alert system. That's when you hear those tones with a message saying this is only a test.

That was set up in case of emergencies such as an invasion of our country, a missile attack on our country, or even dangerous weather. It is actually set up that with a press of a button the president can take over and broadcast emergency messages on every radio and television station in the country.

And now with today's technology, they are moving the test over to cell phones. According to Fox News, it's called the Wireless Emergency Alert System. You should receive the alert from F.E.M.A. on your cell phone at 2:18 p.m. eastern time.

I'm not sure what the alert will sound like but I have gotten alerts on my phone in the past for Amber Alerts and tornado warnings. In fact, one time I was at a Union-Endicott football game and the alarm went off.

I don't remember if that was a tornado warning or an amber alert, but just about everybody in the bleachers with a cell phone got the same tone at the same time. At first, everybody was freaked out as they were reaching for their phones to find out what was going on because a lot of them had never heard that noise coming from their cell phone before.

So again, be prepared to hear a strange noise coming from your cell phone at 2:18 this afternoon. Again this is a test and hopefully, this will never be needed for a real nationwide emergency.

Click here to see what the alert should look like.

[via Fox News]

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