Last week, we asked a question on the 99.1 The Whale Facebook page - "What song do you hate that everyone else loves?" I'm sure we all have at least one song.

📣 Let us know in the comments what classic rock song seemingly EVERYONE loves, but isn't exactly a "classic" for you ⤵

Posted by 99.1 The Whale on Friday, March 12, 2021

The thing I find interesting about that question is, some may say they hate a particular song because they hear it all the time, but if you were at a concert with the band that produced that song, would you be right there with everyone else belting out the words?

Well, that's a different situation I guess,when it comes to a song you are tired of hearing over and over again, versus a song that is popular with the general population, but it's one that you really can't stand.

Our question received a lot of interesting answers from the Whale Nation, both about songs that a person is tired of hearing over and over again and songs that they just loath.

Eric was the first person to reply sating that Rush's 'Tom Sawyer' was the song he hates. I know people who love the music of Rush, and some who have no desire to here anything from the band. I am on the side of those who love the music of Rush.

Amy and Penny are not fans of any Pink Floyd music. The band's sound certainly is a lot different from any other. Pink Floyd is one of my favorite bands. And my favorite concert is from a show they performed at the Syracuse Carrier Dome in the 1980s.

Lana is not a fan of 'Surfin' Safari' from the Beach Boys, and pretty much every other song they have performed. Tommy hates Guns-n-Roses 'Paradise City.' Jim would rather not hear Journey's 'Wheel in the Sky.' Sure, I can agree with that. Not my favorite Journey song either. Wayne has had enough of 'Stairway to Heaven.' I've had requests to play that at wedding receptions, but stayed away because I just can't see the song pack the dance floor, unless the song has a special meaning for those in attendance.

Dale hates 'We are Family, by Sister Sledge.'Now I can understand that, but as a part-time mobile DJ, that song gets people in the mood to dance at weddings and other events, so for me it's one of those tunes that make for a fun party, especially when alcohol is involved.

I love Joshua's comment with a message to those who hate on Led Zeppelin. His pick for hate resides with The Who's 'Pinball Wizard.' And Mark is not partial to Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody.' Rick doesn't like songs from The Beatles, or anything country.

Thanks for your answers and comments. Love to hear and learn more from the Whale Nation! The song I hate the most? Well, there are a few that could take that title, but one that comes to mind is 'Rockin' Robin' by Bobby Day. Too many "Tweedle-lee-dee-dee-dees"for me to listen to.

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