We have all seen the empty shelves, as people are grabbing all the toilet paper they can. Since you're unsure of how long you will have to be in isolation, you want to make sure you have enough, right?

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Were you one of the many around the world who decided you needed to hoard toilet paper when this coronavirus pandemic ramped up? At first, I thought, why? If anything, the first thing I'm going to run out of is wine!

For me, it's important to have plenty of peanut butter and jelly. Yes, I could literally live off PB&J.

I'm still questioning why the mad dash to get toilet paper. As I was Googling why we were rushing to get TP, I found this amazing website that tells us how long the toilet paper we have should last.

The website is very simply called "How Much Toilet Paper" and all you have to do is input the number of rolls you have purchased. I put in two dozen rolls. Then you have to enter how many times you use toilet paper a day. I put in two times.

Those are the basic two questions that will give you a rough estimate. According to what I put in, I have enough to last me 96 days. Hopefully, that should carry me through this COVID-19 crisis.

Now if you wanted to give the website a little more info, you can get an even more accurate count as to how long that toilet paper of yours will last you.

Questions include the average number of wipes per trip and how many sheets per wipe.

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