Some supermarket chains in the region are adding on to the limits on just how many packages of some products you can buy that have been in place since the start of the pandemic.

Getty Images Igorr1
Getty Images Igorr1

Stores like Wegmans and Tops have announced they will limit the amount of certain items customers can purchase as cases of COVID-19 surge and word circulates of possible product shortages over the winter months.

Some items on the limit list include cleaning supplies, facial tissue, paper towels, toilet paper, disposable plates, garbage bags, food storage bags and peanut butter.

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Some items have a limit of one or two packages that can be purchased as stores work with their manufacturers and suppliers to try to shore up inventory.

Most of the stores around the nation reporting that they are imposing purchase limits have said they don’t expect the wide-spread shortages that were experienced at the outbreak of the pandemic in the spring.  Still, shoppers don’t have to be reminded there never has been a full recovery of supplies since March with bare spots on supermarket shelves common especially in the household cleaning aisle and paper products.

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