Are you tired of constantly changing the toilet paper at your house? Does it seem like every time you need to use it there's only one or two squares left?

Well the toilet paper company Charmin has released what they are calling the forever roll. Now obviously it will not last forever, but it will last a lot longer then your typical roll of toilet paper.

According to WKYC, a single roll can last for an entire month before it needs to be changed. If a person lives alone, it might last longer than that.

The report says that it's the same high-quality toilet paper as the typical smaller rolls of Charmin and you can buy the starter kit on sale for $29.97. That includes three gigantic rolls of toilet paper and a free stand.

The starter pack  typically sells for $59.96, or you can purchase a single roll of toilet paper for $9.99. So if you feel like you are constantly changing the toilet paper in your house, this could save you time.

Of course, if you have a cat or a pet that likes to pull the toilet paper off the roll and spread it all over the house, this might not be the product you want.

It could make a good gag gift too if you are giving it to someone that people think is always “full of crap”.

[via WKYC]

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