This has been a crazy week for me. Maybe you too. And it's only Wednesday.

By the time Friday rolls around, I will have been involved in about  a dozen meetings and conference calls. Yes, it's more than normal. The lowest amount for that combination in a week for me has been two, but it's rare.

Yes, I do learn things while on these calls and in meetings, even though I have a short attention span. My mind sort of wanders at times when the speaker touches on a topic that makes me think of something else. Is that called something? I'm sure there is a medical term for it, just like everything else.

Anyway, on to the topic of this article. On one of my meetings this week, someone brought up the topic of one space or two between sentences. As you can see here, I leave one space. That's the way it is, right? I'd never heard it to be any other way.

After surveying the room, it seems half of the attendees leave one space while others leave two between sentences. That's absurd I thought. Who taught them that? It's like the debate of is it called Soda or Pop? It's Pop by the way, well at least where I come from (Western New York) but apparently not here in good old Binghamton. I have had to adapt.

So, I did some investigation. The best I could find was that two spaces was common in the era of the typewriter. Apparently, it allowed for easier reading of each word. Now that we type on a keyboard into a screen, it's not necessary.

OK, part two. Today, I woke up to the discussion of what people are hearing between the words Yanny and Laurel on a piece of audio floating around on Twitter and other social media sites. It's like that debate last year of the color of a dress. Who comes up with these things?

I got sucked into the conversation, took a listen and distinctly heard 'Laurel.' How can anyone hear 'Yanny?' Those words are so far apart from each other, it just makes no sense. Click here for the article and audio and tell me what you hear. Or just ignore it, because it's just...dumb? So, how's your Wednesday going?

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