Now, I can give you a list of a hundred reasons why a public proposal in the middle of a ball game is a terrible idea. Dropping the ring in a crowd of thousands is among the top 5 of those reasons. That's exactly what happened last night between this couple, but how was his recovery? Let's see...

Yankees TV within the stadium had even set up the proposal, all cameras on him. They did a follow-up interview with the couple after the game, let's see what they had to say about the whole thing:

This Yankees fan had some many options to make some outstanding jokes here, but he didn't jump on any of them. Here are just a couple that come to mind from me:

"If I hadn't found it, that's alright. We are at Yankee stadium after all, there are 27 rings laying around here that I'm sure I could've borrowed in the mean-time."

"Thank goodness I'm not a Texas Rangers fan, there would be no chance of finding a ring anywhere!"

I'll be here all week, folks.