Saturday night, CM Punk made his UFC debut almost 2 years after he left the WWE to work on becoming an MMA fighter. As everyone expected, because DUH, things didn’t exactly work out for CM Punk in the cage Saturday night. He got completely dominated by Mickey Gall and was submitted by rear naked choke around two minutes of Round 1. Make no mistake, Gall could've easily finished the fight earlier, but decided to make an example of CM Punk, and really beat him maliciously to drive home the fact that he did not belong there.

CM Punk didn't exactly leave the fake wrestling world on good terms. On Sunday night, WWE held their "Backlash" show that featured a match between The Miz and Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship. The beginning of the match was clearly choreographed to mimic Punk’s UFC fight from last night. Shots fired.

"Here's an idea, I'm going to gallop towards this professional fighter like a wild horse... oh wait, takedowns. Now I remember."

Did you watch this fight over the weekend? What are your thoughts?