How was your Memorial Day Weekend? I hope you took time to remember our fallen heroes. I also hope you got to spend time with us enjoying our annual Memorial Day Weekend Classic Rock 500 countdown. Aerosmith took the top honors again with 'Sweet Emotion' as the number one song. For us, it's a lot of fun as we countdown what we consider the best 500 Classic Rock songs.

Otherwise, I hope your weekend was as close to normal as it could be. With the pandemic restrictions still in place, it was a little bit strange. A few times over the weekend, I had to go on some errand runs in the closest town near where I camp.

Most people were wearing masks, but there were a few who didn't or were wearing a mask that covered their mouth, but not their nose. Not sure why. Many of the places I went to, the employees were wearing masks, and some were wearing gloves, but not all. One of my favorite places to get breakfast was closed, and that made me sad.

But beginning this Friday, Bradford Country in Pennsylvania, where I camp, will be turning from a yellow county to a green county, and among other restrictions loosening up, that means you can go back to restaurants for sit down dining. I'm looking forward to that, but at the same time, feeling a bit nervous. There will be some who will limit the number of occupancy, all the restaurant staff will continue to wear masks, and I'm sure the cleaning process will be much more intense.

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