Here's a leftover Strange But True story from this morning that I didn't have time to talk about the air. It's about going to extreme measures to try and save money on car insurance.

All day long you're constantly hearing about how you can save money on car insurance. Some insurance companies have a spokeswoman, others have actors, and others have cartoon characters or geckos. They all seem to proclaim to have the lowest prices. Some people will jump from company to company to try and save a few bucks. But this guy took changing to try and save some money on car insurance to a whole nother level.

According to the Calgary Sun, a man from Alberta, Canada who was identified as David, actually changed his gender to female to save money on car insurance. David found out that he would save $840 a year in car insurance if he was a woman. According to the Calgary Sun, you can change your gender in Alberta with just a doctor's note. So now David is legitimately living life as a woman.

The report went on to say that now that the story is getting attention, David is a little nervous about insurance fraud. Now David is saying that's not the only reason for the change of gender.

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