Let's have some fun today. I thought about this on my way to work this morning, driving through the streets of the Triple Cities.

I will preface this saying I'm not bashing any city, village or town government or highway department. I don't know the circumstances regarding the condition of any roadway including possible lack of finances to repair them. I know paving a roadway is expensive.

The reason this subject popped into my brain is because the street I live on (not naming said street) has not been repaved in a long time. I can't recall exactly, but maybe 15 to 20 years? Is that normal?

It's one heck of a rickety ride until I move on to another street. My street has been patched many, many times. Sometimes, I imagine myself riding on a wooden roller coaster, except it's not quite as fun.

Granted, the street only stretches about three-quarters of a mile, but there are a couple of pretty important facilities that bring a lot of traffic to the area, so I would think it would be in better condition.

So that's my rant. What roadways in the Triple Cities rattle your teeth when driving on them?