These past few months certainly have upended our work lives in so many ways. Layoffs, furloughs and working at home to name a few.

Those on the front lines of course are working from where they've always been, except their jobs have become so much more difficult. I give props to all who continue to serve us, from grocery store cashiers to medical personnel.

Many of those have had to deal with conflict from customers, and while I understand the frustrations we are all experiencing, those on the front lines are just doing their job and adhering to the rules and guidelines set forth by their superiors.

For those of you who have moved from working at your workplace to working from home, I can only imagine how different your daily life has become. You may have gone from an office or workplace with lots of co-workers to working on your own. That's got to be a bit weird. Or maybe not.

My sister has been working from home since the beginning of April and she loves it. She's hoping it becomes permanent. That means no more commuting over a long daily trip, especially on back roads in the winter. And imagine the savings on gasoline.

I wonder if more and more businesses will adopt the work from home concept permanently. What would that mean for all the office space spread across the country? Would we see more empty buildings in our towns and cities? It certainly is a possibility.

For my co-workers and me, we prefer to work in our studios and office. And we do have the option of working from home since we all have a home studio to do our radio shows. I personally would not want to spend every day of the week at home. Too many distractions and I think I would not like being in the same place all day, everyday.

Time will tell how this will all play out, but I imagine you will see several businesses move employees out of the office and permanent adopt working from home.

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