Well, we are entrenched into my least favorite season - Winter. It comes around every year at this time. Don't miss a thing, do I?

Winter can be a fun time...for those who ski downhill and cross-country, love to snowboard, ride snowmobiles, and those crazy people who enjoy shoveling snow. Not me.

You probably know I am a solid fan of Summer, tolerate the end of Spring and the beginning of Fall. So with that, I am experiencing the Winter blues. I'm sure I'm not alone.

I have my sights set on May 1st, the first day of camping season 2018. Unfortunately, we are only in the middle of January. February and March can and probably will be brutal, and April is one of those months of crazy uncertain weather.

So what to do and get through the next three and a half months? For me, that's a good question. Outside of my busy life in radio, I pretty much hibernate at home, watching movies I've already seen over and over. Not big into video games, so that's out. Clean the house? C'mon.

I really need to recognize that there are plenty of things going on in the Binghamton area, including BU and SUNY Broome sports, the Binghamton Devils, various shows and plays that occur around our area, and here's one I keep forgetting - go see a movie...for the first time! I constantly get ribbed for watching the same movies over and over. Winter blues suck...wish me luck. Hmm, that rhythms. Maybe I should try Winter poetry.

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