Well, you'd have to pretty old to accomplish that feat, but it's not impossible. There are some people who have accomplished that feat.

Think about it. You have a child. When that grows up and has a child, now you are a grandparent. Moving on, that grandchild has a kid. Now you are a great grandparent. Then, that great grandchild becomes a parent, and you are now a great great grandparent. And finally, that great great grandchild showers you with an addition to the family. Including yourself, you are now looking at six generations.

How could you live long enough to see this happen? Well, according to ABC7.com, it has happened, and they have proof. A woman from North Carolina who recently turned 100 years old, has children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, great great gran children and even a great great great grandchild.

By the numbers, ABC7.com reports that in addition to the one great great great grandchild, this centenarian has five children, 30 grandchildren, 88 great grandchildren, and 49 great great grandchildren. That's six generations of family. Add in the spouses and other family members and I bet you'd have a rather large family reunion.

And I thought my family on both my father and mother's side were large. My dad had 10 siblings and my mom had 7 siblings. All have children, and most of those children have kids.

I have cousins and second cousins I've never met, and probably some I don't even know exist. Since I moved away from home a few decades ago, I fell out of touch with many of my relatives. But I will always remember all the great times I had with my first cousins when we were young, especially those family reunions. It's those times I miss the most.

via ABC7.com

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