Do you notice as we get older, conversations tend to gravitate toward our current ailments, medical issues, types of drugs we are taking, and recent doctor and/or hospital visits?

I miss talking about other things like the last concert we went to, or the vacations we took. Maybe how the kids are growing up and what they are up to. Well, that would be a one-way conversation since I don't have any kids. Could you imagine me as a father? No thanks.

Anyway, other conversations with us older adults also swirl around wills, and do we have one, or has it been updated. Also, the big question. When you kick the bucket, will you be buried in a cemetery or cremated? And if cremated, will your ashes be buried or sit in an urn on the mantelpiece of the fireplace. Or maybe have your ashes scattered somewhere that meant something special in your life.

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I don't like to talk about that stuff, although I really don't have any concrete plans. Yes, I do have a will. So, let's say I decide to be buried or be cremated and buried, where would that be?

I consulted the god of maps, Google Maps, to take a look at what the options are in and around the Triple Cities area. There are quite a few options from larger to tiny cemeteries. Granted some may not be open to new recruits, but the larger ones are open for your final resting place.

Here is a snapshot of most of the area cemeteries I found. There were a few that I didn't even know existed and a couple of cemeteries that are very tiny. Where will I end up? In an urn and have my ashes scattered, or buried in a cemetery plot?  If I don't decide sooner than later, I may never know.

Cemeteries Of the Southern Tier

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