As I was driving around the Southern Tier this weekend, I noticed what appeared to be another increase in gas prices. I don't pay much attention to prices as I pass a gas station during my travels (Did that statement sound weird?) But I did this weekend.

The last time I put gas in my tank, it was $2.35, and now I see at most gas stations, the price is $2.45 a gallon of regular unleaded gas. If I remember correctly, a month or so ago I paid $2.15 per gallon. There were a couple stations next to each other selling unleaded regular gas for $2.49 a gallon. Isn't that a price war in reverse?

I never quite understood the difference in price from one gas station to another locally. Especially with gas stations owned by the same company. Does it have to do with the particular location of that gas station for whatever reason? I'm sure some of you know that answer, so let me know.

But, there is good news. While I can't say that gas prices will level off and not go higher or that anytime soon they will drop, when I checked the AAA website to compare current gas prices today with a year ago in New York State, the price for regular unleaded gasoline was $2.71.

That means we are currently paying around 25 cents less than a year ago, and that's good news, right? When I checked Binghamton gas prices, the AAA website lists current regular unleaded prices averaging $2.47 compared to $2.68 in January 2020. That's about 20 cents less per gallon we are paying now, so I can live with that.

And even better news, AAA reports that the highest we paid for regular unleaded was in July of 2008 when we were shelling out $4.19 per gallon. Lets hope we never get anywhere near that price again. So, I'll not complain about paying $2.45 per gallon. For now anyway.

via AAA

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