I'm sure there is a logical reason for that question, but maybe there isn't. Here's why I bring this up.

Every traffic light has a different set time for begin on a certain light. I have been at intersections where the red light is on for a couple of minutes or more. I suppose it depends on the amount of traffic through that particular section.

On the Parkway, some intersections have long wait times, and short 'go' times. I can understand if one road has less traffic on it. I've been on roads that are on the 'go' cycle for 5 seconds. That's crazy. 15 to 30 seconds makes more sense. I have to speed up to make the light, and most times I don't get to the light in time.

Maybe setting a longer time for 'stop' and 'go' are in sync with other lights on the same road. I don't know or understand. What intersections do you think should be changed to extend or shorten the cycle?

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