Well, obviously we know where Binghamton is. It's right here. Maybe you are right here with me.

Binghamton is a city in Broome County, New York. It was settled in 1802 and was named after William Bingham. Yes, I realize you know all this, right? Never a bad thing to know local hometown trivia.

We know Johnson City isn't the only town with that name in the country - Johnson City, Tennessee, but, did you know there is more than one 'Binghamton' in the United States? It's true. There are a total of three.

There is a Binghamton in Wisconsin. According to Wikipedia, it's an unincorporated community in Black Creek, Wisconsin. Checking Google Maps of the area, I didn't find much. There is a tractor and combine parts business featuring a lot of tractors, and I mean A LOT of tractors, and Romy's Nitingale (spelled as it is on the building), which appears to be a club and a ballroom. On top of the club/ballroom is a statue of a bull, which looks a lot like the one we have at the Discovery Center.

Under 'events', Wikipedia lists Binghamton, Wisconsin as being the host of Polkafest. So we two Binghamton's are not so different after all.

The third Binghamton is in California and is kind of like Binghamton, Wisconsin, in that it is an unincorporated community in Solano County, California, according to Wikipedia. It's located a little bit northeast of San Francisco. The only thing I could see on Google Maps, was a cattle ranch and what appears to be a restaurant supply store.

via Wikipedia and Google Maps

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